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Hide The Hubu FAQ

Hide the Hubu FAQ

1. It’s not working. Why not?

You need iOS11 installed on your iPhone(which must be an iPhone 6s or later).  If this isn’t the problem, email with your specific question or concern. Please include screenshots of your issue.

2. How do I hide the Hubu?

After you hit the play button on the first screen, your phone’s camera will start searching for safe Hubu hiding places. When it finds them, pinkish purple dots will appear to indicate potential hiding spots. Select a hiding spot by tapping on a dot.  Keep tapping dots until you choose a hiding spot. When you’re satisfied, tap the done button. 

3. How does someone find the Hubu?

Within a 45 second time frame, follow the hot and cold guides on the app screen to discover the Hubu’s location. You're closest when the word 'HOTTEST" is on the screen. Once the phone magically finds the invisible Hubu’s location and makes the Hubu reappear, a congratulations notification appears to let you know the Hubu has been found. 

4. It says I have found the Hubu, but I don’t see it. Why?

You likely found the Hubu’s hiding spot, but sometimes the Hubu is not always directly in front of your phone. Look around in the immediate area and you should see the Hubu!

5. What if I can’t find the Hubu within 45 seconds? 

Your turn is over. However, you can try hiding and finding the Hubu again.  Before you start hiding, you can see the Hubu in it’s most recent hiding spot by looking around with your phone.

6. Where is the best place to play Hide the Hubu?

Smaller areas (approximately a radius of 20 meters). If the distance is too far, the application’s performance will not be as accurate. You should play within a safe, well-lit environment. 

7. Will there be updates or any new features added?

Yes, we will be updating the app, adding new features and responding to user feedback.

8. Who is the Hubu?

A hat-wearing, duck-like creature that wears a hat, and is all about hide and seek. 

9. Which devices can I play Hide the Hubu on?

Currently it’s only available on iPhone 6s and above.