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Hide the Hubu

Hide the Hubu AR: Hide and seek and AR

Hide the Hubu AR is a hide-and-go-seek game using augmented reality.
It is a two-player game, with one player as 'the hider' and the other player as 'the seeker'. 
The hider starts the game by using the phone (and tapping dots on the screen) to hide the Hubu, a duck-like, hat-wearing character in a secret location. 
After the hider has successfully hidden the Hubu, they pass the same phone to the seeker (who until now has covered their eyes and not been peeking). The seeker has 45 seconds to find the Hubu by following the hot and cold guides. These are Colder, Cold, Cool, Warm, Hot and Hotter.
If you don't find the Hubu before time runs out, you can still scan the room to see the location of the hidden Hubu. 
When you find the Hubu, you should shout 'Hubu Hubu'. Why? Because the Hubu likes it. Be cool to the Hubu.
There's no limit on how many times you can hide the Hubu. Good luck!

This is a 2-player hide and go seek game that uses augmented reality.  It’s an update of the classic game Huckle Buckle Beanstalk.


1. The Seeker (player 1 ) covers their eyes.

2. The Hider (player 2 ) hides the Huckle (a duck-like creature with a hat) using their phone. After it’s hidden, the Huckle is invisible until found.

3. The Hider hands the Seeker the phone.

4. The Seeker searches for the Huckle using the phone and the temperature guides before time runs out.


Only use Hide the Huckle in safe places!

The app works best in well-lit areas with darker floors that have patterns. When using floors or surfaces with light colors, the performance suffers.