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Getting Started with ARKit Using Unity

Thanks for signing up for this workshop. I'm looking forward to helping you get started with ARKit using Unity.

Please note – this session is geared towards people who have some Unity experience. If you're unfamiliar with using Unity, please watch this great tutorial. Don't use Unity 5.5, you should use the version linked below.

In order to run your Unity project on your iOS device, you'll need the following installed on your laptop:

• macOS 10.12.6 or later

• XCode 9.1 or later

• Unity 2017.2

• Unity ARKit Plugin
Please download and import the Unity ARKit Plugin into a project in Unity. You can import via the "Asset Store" panel in Unity or via the website:


To get your Unity project on your device, you'll need to Create an Apple ID (If you don't plan on publishing an app on the App Store, you do not need a Developer account.)
A breakdown of the steps necessary to add your Apple ID to XCode can be found in the "Add your Apple ID to Xcode" section here. Please do this beforehand.

You'll also need an iOS device (iPhone 6s or later, iPad (2017) or later) running iOS 11. Bring a USB cable.

Complete these steps before the session. This will make it possible to spend the workshop focusing on the different examples provided in the Unity ARKit Plugin. 

Please feel free to reach out to me @ if you have any questions.